About Us

Why Homeless Beanies?

Homeless Beanies is a Seattle based not-for-profit organization that seeks to enrich the lives of the homeless. We have a very simple concept, you buy we give. For every beanie that we sell we give one to a homeless person. At Homeless Beanies, the beanie is just the first step. After establishing contact through our buy one give one program, we seek to find those homeless who are ready and willing to come out of homelessness and connect them with the proper people and resources to do so. Through life coaching and in some cases social skills rehabilitation, we seek to employ and house homeless people and their families to bring them out of homelessness.Through their success they will have the opportunity to work with our organization to witness and mentor other homeless and help them take that crucial first step.

For those that aren't ready, the beanie acts as a handshake, an introduction to someone who wants nothing from them but simply offers a comfort that they may be lacking. We warm their head and hopefully their heart with encouraging messages from people who have purchased a beanie on the other side. For some eye contact and a smile from just one person brightens their day in an otherwise dark chapter in their life. Join us is creating a world where homeless doesn't mean hopeless! Help fund an organization that is willing to get their hands dirty to help someone in need get back on their feet. Through the love and support of our patrons and donors we hope to be a beacon of light in a very dark place. I’ll leave you with this; the average life expectancy of the homeless population is estimated between 42 and 52 years, compared to 78 years for the average American.

Sincerely grateful,

Andy Ryan Johnson

Founder of Homeless Beanies

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How are we going to do it?

Stay focused on our goals and keep "helping people" as the center of our focus.

Recruit local companies to help with donations to gain themselves exposure and cover more heads.

Connect with like minded organizations to widen our impact.

Keep out team small and tight until we are ready to actually grow.

Keep moving forward, continue to evolve our mission with the same core values.