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Aug 13 2013

Watershed 2013


Just wanted to give a quick update on what happened at watershed. The team had an amazing time, we all rocked our t-shirts and hats on Saturday night for Toby Keith. Chelsea even got up on the huge monitor at least a dozen times wearing her Homeless Beanies "Miss Murica" t-shirt and hat. Brad and Jordan donated several items of apparel to the stage. Jesse donated his shoulders to short girls while sporting captain america shirts! I (andy) got to do a shoutout in the 94.1 KMPS-FM bud light beer garden! Oh, AND we were able to hand out over 350 waters to the thirsty people of the gorge and have an additional 350 waters to hand out to Seattle area Homeless while making some great connections to help our cause!

Shoutout to the watershed Crew:

Jordan, Brad, Chelsea, Ian, Jesse W, Sam, Alaina, Jen, Lindsey, Amie, Adrienne, Phil. Jeff, Jesse R, and the rest of the Miss Murica Redneck wrecking crew! 

Look for some photos to be uploaded on our facebook page and like it to stay up to date on what we are doing!

A special thanks you to:

Doc's First Medical Billing

Phoenix Moving and Logistics

Nick Walker Liberty Mutual Insurance

Stephanie Woodworth Photography 

Jeff Dunlap - Sprint Car #15

Lindsey Harms 

Adrienne Siciliano 


If you would like to be involved in sponsoring water for our team at Dave Matthews Band 2013 at the Gorge on Labor Day Weekend; See our previous blog post, Donation or Cross Promotion!


Aug 12 2013

Beyond the beanie!


Homeless Beanies is a Seattle based not-for-profit organization that seeks to enrich the lives of the homeless. We have a very simple concept, you buy we give. For every beanie that we sell we give one to a homeless person. At Homeless Beanies, the beanie is just the first step. After establishing contact through our buy one give one program, we seek to find those homeless who are ready and willing to come out of homelessness and connect them with the proper people and resources to do so. Through life coaching and in some cases social skills rehabilitation, we seek to employ and house homeless people and their families to bring them out of homelessness. Through their success they will have the opportunity to work with our organization to witness and mentor other homeless and help them take that crucial first step.

For those that aren't ready, the beanie acts as a handshake, an introduction to someone who wants nothing from them but simply offers a comfort that they may be lacking. We warm their head and hopefully their heart with encouraging messages from people who have purchased a beanie on the other side. For some, eye contact and a smile from just one person brightens their day in an otherwise dark chapter in their life. Join us is creating a world where homeless doesn't mean hopeless! Help fund an organization that is willing to get their hands dirty to help someone in need get back on their feet. Through the love and support of our patrons and donors we hope to be a beacon of light in a very dark place. I’ll leave you with this; the average life expectancy of the homeless population is estimated between 42 and 52 years, compared to 78 years for the average American.

Please donate today and make Homeless Beanies heart be heard! 

Sincerely grateful,

Andy Ryan Johnson

Founder of Homeless Beanies

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Aug 11 2013



Homeless Beanies is a Seattle based not-for-profit organization that seeks to enrich the lives of the homeless. We have a very simple concept, you buy we give. For every beanie that we sell we give one to a homeless person. We also provide meals and water on occasion but would like to step up our efforts and make real change. Since 2011 homeless beanies has been able to provide over 500 beanies to the homeless in Seattle and surrounding areas. When we launched in 2011 our goal was to cover 10,000 homeless heads by the end of 2012 and become an official non-profit 501c3. We still have that dream, but in order to become an official 501c3 we need startup funds to make sure that we can cover all of the fees associated with starting a non-profit. We also need money to work with designers and clothing companies to ensure that we are providing consistency and quality to our customers and the homeless that we help. Please be a part of something amazing, this is our year where we have the opportunity to really make a difference. The catch is we have to raise this money fast, winter is approaching quickly and without funding we will still sell beanies but that’s all. We also won’t be able to expand our apparel line to include: Hats, T-shirts, Sweat shirts and Tank Tops. With a non-profit status we would be able to accept tax deductible donations and have the funds for things like emergency shelters, clothing, shoes, bikes and community cleanups. As we grow we mentor and provide jobs for the homeless! Please take a minute to donate, even if it is a small amount to you, it can make a HUGE difference to us and the homeless that we are seeking to help. Beanies are just the first step, we want to make real change and get people off the street and back to living life and not just surviving it. I’ll leave you with this; the average life expectancy in the homeless population is estimated between 42 and 52 years, compared to 78 years for the average American.

Sincerely grateful,

Andy Ryan Johnson                                                                     

Founder of Homeless Beanies


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Jul 24 2013

Donation or Cross Promotion!


For your consideration,

               Homeless Beanies is a local not-for-profit company that seeks to help and enrich the lives of Seattle homeless. For every Beanie that we sell we give one away to a homeless person in the Seattle area. We have recently expanded our reach to the United Kingdom and are seeking companies to cross promote with in order to raise funds to gain our official non-profit status.

With all of the concerts that are happening we have an opportunity to reach out and raise awareness for the homeless. Our Idea is to label water bottles with our logo name and a QR code that links to our website. You have the opportunity to be featured on the bottles next to us as a sponsor.  In addition to the exposure at venues like Watershed and Dave Matthews, your logo would also be featured on the cases of water that we hand out to Seattle homeless. This is just one of the cross promotion opportunities we have but it is time sensitive. Please let me know if you would like to be involved in helping a company that is trying to change the world for the better.

Right now a good estimate just for the water is $10.00 a case including lables with your company name. We are asking for a minimum donation of 10 cases (that's 350 waters) to help get the word out faster. Also your company will be featured in our blog with links to your website. 

Click the link to Donate and email me andy@homelessbeanies.org with your company logo and what you would like to do. Anything you can do gets us closer to our goals! If you know anyone else who may be interested in this opportunity please pass this along.


Jan 06 2013

In the News


 Over the last couple of Months we have gotten some great press! David Nelson wrote an article about us in the Belltown PI, and most recently we were featured on King5News Making a Difference  which has been amazing to bring attention to what we are trying to do here at Homeless Beanies. Though the attention is wonderful what we really need is action. We need a way to get people inside and out of the cold. 

Having Carey Fuller come aboard and bring her skill set, with her collection and avid followers has been amazing. Even though She herself is Homeless, Carey will stop at nothing to make sure that her friends are provided for. Mark Horvath was clutch in creating that relationship by suggesting I contact Carey via Twitter; from there our friendship has grown and I look forward to seeing us both achieve our goals to help the Homeless as we venture together. 

When Homeless Beanies first started we had some very aggressive goals and the team we had in place was sure to accomplish them. Alas Andy Johnson (that's me) is really the only active team member left from the original 6. For one reason or another (time, family etc) we have gone our different ways but I have kept believing that Homeless Beanies is where my focus needs to be. As for our goal, 10,000 warm heads by the end of 2012, we came up a little short. Not to diminish what we have accomplished but we are more in the Range of 500 warm heads going into the beginning of 2013. I will not be discouraged by this because we will still hit that goal, it is just a matter of when.

As for the direction of the company, we will have a very clear map of that soon. We are leaning heavily towards Non-Profit as that is that way we are operating now, with all of the money going to further our cause. By officially having a 501-c3 status we will be able to widen our impact substantially and help many more people get off the streets and out of the elements. We will be collaborating with music groups, drama, TV and film to get the word out there about what we are doing and where we want to go. 

What you can expect from us: We will always do what we say we are going to do. We will always put the needs of the Homeless before our own. We will persistently and definitively try to end homelessness around the world by working with and promoting companies that are like minded. We will maintain this vision and this purpose to help the Homeless as long as we are who we are.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope that you share our dream.

Support Your local Homeless,

Founder, Andy Ryan Johnson

Nov 17 2012

Phase 2: Part 1 Haaaave you met Carey?


As the holidays approach and people get into "buying mode" filling their houses with things they really don't need and maxing out their credit cards to satisfy the wants of hopeful children. I am not saying this is a bad thing, I just want you to think about the fact that while we work to buy these things, people living on the street are just trying to scrape together enough to survive. Not everyone who is homeless is there by choice, in fact, from those that I have met, most would like to work and live in a home. Just because you have less of a home, that doesn't make you less of a person!

One day while going through the twitter verse trying to find like minded people, I stumbled upon Mark Horvath founder of @invisiblepeople & @wearevisible. I mentioned something about wanting to find a local manufacturer that made quality products stateside. Mark then suggested I talk to Carey Fuller a homeless mother/advocate for homeless youth/ amazing hat maker/ blogger. Needless to to say I was super stoked about the possibility of working with the a homeless person to make beanies that help the homeless. 

After a few conversations with Carey I could tell that she was very genuine and willing to find a way to help me. Help me? Here I am working a 9-5 at AT&T, waiting tables a few days a week at the Rock Wood Fired Pizza, trying to raise awareness about Homeless Beanies, with a home and Carey was the one that could me? The simple answer is yes, Carey has been very active in the homeless community seeking to find ways to connect people. I will let Carey tell her own story since she is also an accomplished writer and has authored a few books. CareyFuller.com

I encourage you to go to her blog, read her stories about what life is really like to be homeless and a mom, how many hats can one person wear? My hope is just one more. We will be making Carey's hats/beanies available for sale on our website and encourage you to buy them. Any money raised above the cost of materials and operation will go directly back into her pocket. My goal is to get her indoors for Christmas.. it's a big goal, but it's the very least we can do.

Phase 2: Part 1 Take the less out of Carey's homeless by generating enough revenue from beanie sales. We can do this, you can help. Go to CareyFuller.com to make a direct contribution to help end Carey's homelessness! My hope is to hire more homeless and to encourage business owners to shake off stereotypes associated with being homeless. 
Oct 05 2012

Save 2nd Base This October!


Cancer sucks, plain as day it is a terrible thing shakes shakes the very core of a family and a life. I have my personal stories of how it has affected those I love but I will not share those today. I am simply asking you to join me in blessing one family who has been affected by cancer this November. During the month of October when we sell any beanie we will not only give one to the homeless, we will also set aside $2.00 for this family. If you don't want a beanie but would like to help this family there will be a donate only option. Yes, I am hoping this will inspire you to buy a beanie but I would also like to bless one family with a substantial amount of money. This is the time of year when family's come together and celebrate life and love. Imagine with me if you will that it was your Mother, Sister, Grandmother or best friend that was diagnosed. For some of you this has already happened, some we have lost and some are survivors but all fought bravely! Now imagine how incredible it would be if these people fighting received an unsolicited but large amount of money. How would it affect their life, if even for a week to feel some reprieve some joy in the chaos that is a fight for their life? Help us change one family's struggle this year and put a smile on their face as the holidays approach.

Donate Here       

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